Alexa Loren skinny dips in pool

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Alexa Loren gets into the cool pool with her dress still on.
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Alexa Loren removes her dress to be completely naked in this public pool!
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Alexa Loren and her large natural wet tits completely exposed.
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Alexa Loren skinny dipping in the public pool totally nude for anyone to see.

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Alexa Loren all natural beauty

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Alexa Loren’s exotic looks and beauty make her a member favorite.
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Alexa Loren spreading her legs to reveal her delicious pussy underneath her dress.
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Alexa Loren has a perfect set of firm all natural boobs to go with her looks.
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Alexa Loren gives an extreme closeup shot of her delicate pussy lips.

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Alexa Loren gorgeous cowgirl

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Alexa Loren as the gorgeous cowgirl. That bra has got to go though.
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Alexa Loren hikes up her jean skirt to show her cowgirl ass.
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Alexa Loren unbuttons her shirt to reveal her big natural boobs.
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Those firm boobs are the centerpiece of any Alexa Loren photoshoot.
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Alexa Loren completely naked (except for her cowboy hat and boots) on the ranch.

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Alexa Loren sexiest baker alive

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Alexa Loren is ready to bake cookies for you on your special day.
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But first Alexa Loren stretches across the counter in just her apron and nothing else!
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Alexa Loren can’t help licking her fingers of the delicious cookie dough.
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Ready to bake! Alexa Loren puts her boobs – I mean cookies – in the oven.
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Alexa Loren displays her fresh baked cookies to match her big natural boobs. Perfect every time!

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Alexa Loren naughty workout

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Alexa Loren flashes her ass during her naughty gym workout.
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Alexa Loren shows her pussy in gym when nobody is watching.
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Alexa Loren quickly flashing a single big boob before the guy sees her.
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Alexa Loren stretches outside while letting her big natural boobs hang down.

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Alexa Loren naturally sexy

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Alexa Loren topless, featuring her big natural breasts and luxurious hair.
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Alexa Loren is on all fours so we have a perfect view of her delicious pussy.
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Completely nude, we get a great view of Alexa Loren from below.
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Alexa Loren giving a sweet closeup of her beautiful ass!

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Alexa Loren returns

Alexa Loren returns
Alexa Loren returned to First Time Video by popular demand for a January 2009 high definition update. No longer a shy first timer, she gets even more daring this time, securing her spot as a member favorite!

Introducing Alexa Loren

alexa loren ftv
Alexa Loren was introduced to the world in a September 2008 model update at First Time Video. Her big natural breasts and exotic look quickly made her a member favorite. Her first experience with nude modeling has been her only experience, but we’re still hoping to see Alexa Loren return for more as she has many fans around the world.